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Entry #20

Almost June I'm still wearing this Christmas hat?

2010-05-14 19:44:11 by Anco6900

Need to change that display pic or whatever. HEY you people-everyone, yes...

Well just working on stuff in my animation class and trying to finish this Sonic short before it's too late, but it's been project after project at school offering me no free time, I'm getting really pissed. But It makes sense seeing exams are coming soon. Just can't wait til summer then I can animate all the hell I want and go back to sleeping til... well, anytime that isn't seven in the morning.

On the flash update topic-thing, hmmm let's see, well I'm trying to keep myself from multitasking projects because when I do I wind up only having half finished flashes and I STILL don't have anything to show for what I have done with my not-so-new tablet! So I'm making it a priority to finish the Sonic Short before moving on into other things. It should not be long now because I only have 3 scenes left to do (all relatively short) and then I'm basically done that!

Wait... what the hell am I doing? I could be working on that right now! Gotta go!


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