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Inspiration is a bitch ain't it?

2010-03-03 23:07:39 by Anco6900

It comes when you least expect it but almost every time you need it most is when it decided to sorta wonder off somewhere unknown. Whatever, whining just delays time to work but holy crap it's hard to stay focused. Well felt I haven't said much in a while so here's a quick little update.

Super Weegee Galaxy is starting to get back on track, I'm just hoping to finish it before Mario Galaxy 2 comes out.

Assassin's Deeds 2 is suffering from some minor audio de-synch but once fixed it shall still be a bitch to finish off this huge ass script (considering making many cuts)

And I got school shit that's stealing away most my time, although it's not really a good excuse honestly.

OH and I'm working on a Sonic Shorts 6 collab entry. Hopefully there still time to enter. If approved then hooray! If rejected the you shall still see it. It's about half way done, seeing it's rather short.

EDIT:Changed my idea for the sonic shorts entry so it's funnier and quicker to the point... well, I think so. About 3/4 done, but procrastinating is not helping me

Inspiration is a bitch ain't it?


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