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I like the look of the Newgrounds theme right now

2009-12-16 21:07:19 by Anco6900

Looks nicely done :)

Anyway as a Xmas sorta update (not likely, I'm going to likely make another one soon), I am making some good progress in the Weegee flash, just in a snag because I need a female voice to act as Rosalina. I'll probably find a friend to do it... hopefully soon. Til then I suppose I'm going to start working on some shorts I've got in mind. Hopefully that will also take off soon. Anyway, enjoy your Christmas Break everyone!


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2009-12-16 21:14:37

Yeah, when i first saw it i was all like "WTF?"

Then i'm all like "Awesome."

Anco6900 responds:

haha good response :)